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Spiritual Directors hold up a mirror to help you see yourself the way God really sees you: powerful, perfectly imperfect, forgiven, blessed, loved, and beautiful. We seek to expand your heart, mind, & soul, deepen your relationship with the Divine, so you can feel peaceful and confident in your path.


Reconnect to your True Self .

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Your external capacity can not outgrow your internal capacity.

When we focus on soul-care, everything in our lives is affected, especially our inner peace and outer power and presence.

God is in the transformation business. You can constantly evolve if you set intentions around your personal growth:

mentally, emotionally, spiritually, & physically.

Everything is connected & everything is spiritual. Everything you have done in the past has led you to this Divine appointment. You are right on time & in the right place. If you've hit a glass ceiling, it's time to co-journey with a guide who has already busted through that ceiling. Your soul is inviting you to rise.


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Alena Van Dyke

Christian Mystic Spiritual Director

Podcast Hostess

"Soul Tutor"

Intuitive Oiler

Speaker, Workshop & Retreat Leader

Entrepreneur & Soulful Business Mentor

Aspiring Author

Alena is on a mission to repair the breaches between Christianity and modern spirituality. She believes Christianity should be a way of life, a spiritual practice, rather than a religious one.


She simplifies this down to calling herself a Christian Mystic and spends her time connecting with other deep souls. 


Alena welcomes candidates for Spiritual Direction from all faith traditions.

She has a BA in World Religions and a

MA in Spiritual Formation from George Fox Evangelical Seminary. She is a member of Spiritual Directors International & Evangelical Spiritual Directors Association.


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Alena has helped by giving me guidance. Answering questions I don't know, helping me make things like contracts, websites or any other logistical stuff I don't like to do and just being there for me to process life with. Sometimes what she does for me can't be explained in words. She helps me so much, it is insane. She helps keep me motivated and helps me understand how special I actually am. Being around negative people and negative energy, I just never believed in myself or believed that I could do something special. She helped me see that. She has opened my eyes to my talents and helped me truly believe that I can do anything.


(Biz Mentoring & Spiritual Direction Client)


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