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Photos of Alena by Maura Jane Photography.

I could be whatever I wanted to be if I trusted that music, that song, that vibration of God that was inside of me.

-Shirley Maclaine

Alena Bard

My parents combined their names to create mine, because it means bearer of light.

That's my mission; to enlighten and inspire, bridge gaps, and expand your God-box. I reconnect people to themselves, the Holy Spirit, and Creation.

My degree in Spiritual Formation has molded me into a woman who will listen to your soul.


I'm a transition expert.

If you're going through a big transition (marriage, opening a business, turning 30|40|50, or seeking self-discovery of any kind) than one-on-one mentoring & spiritual direction allows me to offer you personal guidance through the twists and turns. I lead and empower people to unwrap their true selves and guide them towards their genuine purpose: a loving relationship with themselves, others, and the Trinity.

(Mark 12:30-31)

I love the Enneagram. I am an 8w9/9w8, if you know what that means. And I'm a E/INFJ.

Many people say they’re spiritual and not religious... me too. But I don’t think a lot of people even know what that means.

For some, it means "I’m avoiding church and have a lot of questions about the Bible." 

For some, that means "I’m super 'woo' & don’t want to scare you off."

For some, it holds depth: "I’m dedicated to a spiritual practice that is so engrained into my being, that it’s part of me, but if I say what religion I identify with most, you'll judge me."

No matter which fits you, I'm your girl.


I believe everything is spiritual and God is way bigger then we can fathom. I believe that God is in the transformation business and meets us when we are already open to change, and this might be when we're feeling most broken. I see people hit rock bottom and recover better than ever, all the time.


I walk with people though these transitions, ask big questions, help them cleanse and heal, and embrace the mystery. You just found a director, guide, and Spirit-led intuitive who wants to catapult your life. I just can't help have that effect on you. It's who I am.

Alena's Spiritual Timeline:

I was brought up Christian, both protestant and charismatic.

I got a scholarship to a secular collage but I couldn't justify spending four years studying anything other then God, so I got a BA in Religious Studies. I opened a wedding planning business and became a well recognized professional and industry expert in New Mexico for 9 years.

While I had the flexibility of being self-employed, I gained a certification in Wholistic Kinesiology and studied holistic wellness for the mind, body, & spirit. This led me into studying how God's creation can support our amazing bodies (also God's creation) with things like essential oils and the moon.

I went from there to get a Masters in Spiritual Formation from what is now Portland Seminary. Those 3 years changed my life. It was a mind-blowing rehab and of all the conventional ways Christians teach about God, and I renewed and rewrote my faith and beliefs into what I now call Christian Mysticism. 

I have dedicated my life to finding spirituality and a personal relationship with the Trinity in every day and every moment. I am constantly searching new ways to expand my God-box & yours.