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Photos of Alena by Maura Jane Photography.

Be Seen.Be Heard. 

Be Known. Be Loved.

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No matter if you are questioning if God exists anymore or if you're in a place where God feels closer than your skin, heart to heart, soul to soul meetings with a kindred soul guide can help you see your life with new eyes...

Sometimes life, hardships or shame can play like a broken record & hide the quiet whisper of God’s heart. It's time to remember that God has got your back, and miracles do still happen. They can happen to you!

Meeting Alena for Spiritual Direction gives you the one on one guidance you want from a spiritual life coach.


Spiritual Direction provides a safe, private, and nonjudgemental space where a loving mentor can hold up a mirror to your whole being. It's a place you can be fully seen, known, and loved.

We all need a guide that can see our highest potential and encourage us to move us towards greatness. When you're authentic and get real with your shit, you're in alignment and can see clearly.

Alena has a tool belt full of ways to navigate through self-discovery and personal transformation. Every person needs a custom approach for their unique journey towards a healthy heart, mind, body, & soul.


Business mentoring assists entrepreneurs in growing their biz from the inside out.

Soul focused, integral entrepreneurs who want to leave a legacy are true to themselves & develop a business and brand that's authentic, genuine, and attracting ideal clients.

Our external experience can't outgrow our internal capacity. We help you create work-life balance, wellness, purpose, and abundance both personally & professionally.